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How do I track my order?Updated a year ago

You can easily track your order whether or not you created a Sunny 16 account. After placing an order, you'll receive an email confirmation with all the details including your shipping address and order number. 

When you're logged in 

Simply log into your account through the online store to view the fulfillment stats of your order. If it's been fulfilled, just click on your order and it'll provide tracking information 

When you're not logged in

Once your order has been fulfilled, you'll receive a separate email with the subject line "Your order is on the way." In that email, you'll also see a tracking link via the specified shipping carrier (either DHL, USPS, or UPS). 

If you received the order confirmation email, but not the shipping confirmation, don't worry! On average, it takes about 24-48 hours for new orders to be delivered. Also, keep in mind that tracking information can take another few days to update even after they've been picked up by the shipping carrier. 

*If it's been more than 72 hours and you have not received your shipping confirmation, there is always a reason why! In most case, this could be due to having extremely low stock levels when you made your purchase. In this case, there's also no need to worry. Just reach out to our team and we'd be happy to provide more information on this!

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